Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Big Girl Starts "Big Girl School"

Taylor started "Big Girl School" last week (kids day out program at the church). She loves it!!! She was so excited to go. She helped me pack her lunch box and backpack on the first day. She took PB&J, oranges, cheezits and a little water. She helped me shop at Target for what she was going to have in her lunches. She goes 9am-1:30pm and daddy picks her up. She is suppose to then take a nap, but she has been so excited after school that she hasn't been taking naps until 4:30pm! The very first day we both took her and they had snow from outside in a big table with little animals for them to play with. She barely said bye to us!! Yesterday when I dropped her off two of the teachers said "this is the most well mannered child!" "You have done a great job mom!" Well thank you! Wow! I'm sure they tell other moms that, but it was good to hear that they like her and she's good at school.
Poor Parker has to go to the babysitter two days a week without her big sissy now :( And of course it sucks to have to take two kids to two different places, but Taylor really needed the social interaction with children her own age. And now preschool won't be such a shock. We go to visit those this weekend and make a decision for next year. Gosh how time flies! Soon she'll be off to her first day of High School! Oh lord....thats real hard to think about!