Saturday, February 27, 2010

My little look alikes!

Since Parker will be 6 months old this weekend I decided to go back to Taylor's baby book and let her see some pics of herself when she was 6 months and do some comparison of where Parker is compared to Taylor. We already knew that Parker is smaller than Taylor was, but I also saw that Taylor was just learning to sit up at 6 months and Parker isn't even close yet! It was really cute going back and showing Taylor when she was little! She kept saying...."look at Parker mom" and I kept saying, "no thats you!" I decided to compare some pics of them to see just how much alike they really looked at this age. I think you can tell who is who, but you can definitely tell they are sisters! Taylor's are all marked with the date, which really helps me now!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Day was very special! We had a family date! It was Jason's idea too...he's so creative. We booked a room at the Holiday Inn where they had an indoor pool so that the girls could swim and then we went to Dave and Busters for dinner and to play games. It was a great weekend except for that the water at the hotel was sooooooo cold that we couldn't even get in! Well, Jason did get in, but Taylor didn't follow so it only lasted a few minutes! And we got cute little Parker all geared up for her first swim! She looked cute anyway and I was able to get this adorable pic of them!
Taylor had such a good time staying in the hotel. I know thats always fun for kids...I still love staying in hotels! She is getting so big and looked so cute in her new bikini!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parker at 5 months

Wow, Parker is really becoming so much fun! She recently started giggling when you talk to her or tickle her and she is so smily all the time! She really is a good baby and is as sweet as she can be! I think she has overcome her stranger anxiety. It was weird that she had it so soon, but last weekend we were with mawmaw and aunt Julie and she did just fine. Of course she really only smiles for Jason and I, but at least she didn't look at them and scream! She has been eating cereal for a while now, but last week was her first veggie...carrots! And, not only carrots, but real homemade carrots! She loved them. I also gave her some smashed avacado the other night and that was funny! I made homemade organic peas and carrots and used my handstick blender to make babyfood. I did a cost comparison and it is sooo much cheaper to make my own and better for her. So, I hope I can keep it up! Today she's gonna have peas! Here are her latest pics...

Picking out a Preschool!

It's amazing how hard it can be to find the right pre-school! I feel like we are choosing a college for our 3 year old! We have a new early childhood center in our school district and went to visit it last weekend. It was beautiful and huge. Probably bigger than my grade school! The only problem was that they did not have the pricing ready yet. We had a feeling it was going to be expensive, but how expensive could it be? It was a public school. Well, we got the pricing and I was outraged! It was two times what the catholic schools charge! That is ridiculous! So, we visited St. Mary Magdalen and we just loved it! They were so inviting and we met the principal and we got a tour with two students and a mother who answered all our questions and just had great things to say! Taylor loved the 3 yr old room too. I had no idea that private schools had full day 3yr old programs! Its going to be great. She will go 8-3:30 everyday and if we need she can also go to aftercare. I think she will love going and it will be a good adjustment for her before going into kindergarden. Now we just hope we don't get too attached to the school so that if we want to send her to public later we still can. That was the plan from the beginning since we have such a great school district! But, who knows where we will be and what the situation will be by then? For now I think we have made our decision after a lot of looking and comparing. Next its gonna be highshool! And I have a feeling it will be here before we know it!