Baby Gifts

Baby burpies and taggie blankies...handmade!
Classic Gift Set
Set of 3 personalized burp cloths and a taggie blankie...$35

Set of 3 embroidered burp diapers....$20
so many cute combinations of colors and ribbons!
Individual embroidered burp cloths $7 each.

Baby taggie blankies....$15
Babies love to play with tags...such a cute and soft little blankie for them to carry around and you can hook rings to them and attach to the carseat or stroller!

Pink and brown

Cupcakes pink/green/brown
Animal Print/Bold Colors
Embroidered Taggie $20

Retro Animal

 Baby Blue/ Brown Puppy Dogs

 Cupcakes Pink/Green or Cupcakes Pink/Brown

Parker loves her taggie!