Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We love Fall!

We are so ready for fall! Its definitely my favorite time of year! Reason's I like Fall....pumpkin everything...pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin muffins (which I've made the last two nights), pumpkin spice coffee, we have 11 very nice pumpkins growing in our yard (so funny), I like the smell of fall, cute jeans, running outside, Taylor's birthday, Halloween, all of it it so much fun.
I think we finally have gotten the hang of the new routine. Taylor started school the same week that Parker started a new babysitter. We had been with our old babysitter for 3 1/2 years (since Taylor was 8 weeks) and it was a little sad to leave, but it was so time. Things have happened lately that just had me questioning what they were doing all day and with Taylor starting school I really didn't want Parker going alone. Our new sitter is great. She talks a lot is my only complaint, but she plays with the kids, they do art projects everyday (even the little ones) and she makes very healthy food for them too. Today is the first time ever that I have put my arms out to Parker and she shook her head "no" at me! Ugh! I couldn't believe it!
Typically one of us takes Parker to the babysitter and one takes Taylor to school. It works out well unless I have to work early or Jason is out of town.  Taylor seems to be really liking school. I really like her teachers and it seems she's doing lots of fun activities. I feel like she's in her teen years already though because every day I ask her how school was and she says, "fine", then I ask what she did today and she says "I don't know?" Okay....? Such a girl!

Parker is trotting all around the house! Jason and I immitate her walking....we're kind of mean, cuz its really like we're making fun of her! She walks with her belly sticking out and waddles. When she has her little shoes on she sounds like a tap dancer! We laugh, but its really becuase its just so cute! She still doesn't want to say too many things, but she does some cute babbling on the phone (or, clapping, playing peek a boo, giving kisses, its such a fun age! Tonight she built blocks and had them about 10 high! I was proud of that! 
I can't believe it is October in a coulple days! This weekend is the Lewis and Clark Half-Marathon. Mommy hasn't trained so well this time! I was lucky to get a 6, 8, and 10 mile run in, but not much more than that! I did 6 this morning and I think thats my last one before sunday. The other big event of the weekend is Trailhead's opening day of Pumpkin beer! We're going for Happy Hour Friday and we may be back Sunday since the marathon ends right there on the riverfront. We'll see how it goes! Taylor loves coming to mommy's races and seeing me get a medal. You know I win every race! haha! Thats what she thinks! Fine with me....we won't burst her bubble just yet!
These pics are from the Balloon Glow a couple weekends ago. It was a really neat thing to take the kids to!
There was a band and they did some dancin!
a nice man asked if he could take our pic
some of the balloons!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally an SUV for Mama Joy!

Ugh...we have been cramming in that little Jetta for two years now! God love the little thing, but it was just too small for a family of four! I sure will miss the cozy heated seats and never getting gas, but it was time to say good-bye.

Meet my new Jeep Commander! I love it!!! Of course its black like my last three cars, but thats partly why I liked it so much.  Its roomy (with a third row seat), has three sunroofs, and drives wonderful. And the best part is...we can all ride in mommy's car now without daddy's knees on the dashboard, and no more backaches for mom trying to get the kids in the car!
Her name is Jane....G.I. Jane!  LOL! Jason thinks I'm such a dork for naming her, but thats what girls do right? Isn't she pretty?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Girl School!

OMG....our big girl went off to school! :( Mommy wasn't sure how she would handle it, but I did it without crying! She has been so excited to go to school for months now. She looked so damn cute in that little uniform!!! It is so tiny. They are not required to wear the uniforms in Pre-K, but the teacher said she knew a few other girls were going to be wearing them, so we thought, why not just get her one and she can wear it when she wants.
Her first day was a success! The only part she didn't like was naptime, but she said they just rested and no one really slept...we'll see how long that lasts. I'm sure by tomorrow they will all be sleeping at naptime! She has 7 girls in class and 6 boys so there is a good mix. Although, she could only tell me one girls name! She seems to love it, so I'm super happy!
Now next week Parker starts a new babysitter so we'll see how that goes too! I hope she loves it as much as Taylor loves school.

What a fun Birthday Party!

We couldn't have had a better weekend for Parker's Birthday party. We are always worried about having so many people at our house because if it rains or its too hot the house is too small for so many people! Saturday was soooo beautiful! High temp was about 84 degrees I think. We had a big bounce house in the back for the kids and they had a lot of fun. Parker enjoyed having a cupcake again (for about the 4th time) and playing with all the paper from the presents. I know they don't really understand all the fuss around their party, but its still a neccessity to celebrate the 1st year! Even though she went to bed at 8:00 we still had a little fun outside...sitting around the fire pit and having a few more cocktails! It was cold enough to put jackets on and sit close to the fire!

It was also nice to have the next two days off work with some great weather. We played at the park and got to enjoy the bounce house a couple more days. Oh....and the big one year old took a few steps the day after the party! She's up to about 4 steps now! Yay Parker!