Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few pics...

Just downloaded some pictures to my new computer. I will have to say, I'm lost without all my editing stuff on this computer and these are from my little nikon point and shoot camera, but a few funny ones needed to be added.
Check out those thighs! She wanted to be like sissy with big girl undies and her heels! LMAO!

 Just getting into trouble!

 The waterpark in Branson

 4 going on 24! She pulled her arms out of her jammies to make a strapless dress and put on some bling to go with it! I guess it didn't help that we were watching the Bachleor! She asked me if I would date her! Oh my lord!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Winter....Little Time

Life is moving so fast that we haven't even had the time to post lately! No more excuses...I feel like I'm missing out on recording special memories :( This is my very first post on my brand new laptop computer...thanks to my lovely husband who surprised me with it for Valentine's Day! I never saw that coming, kind of like everything else he goes overboard with for gifts! We went to Branson for our little Valentine's weekend (with kids) just to spend some time away and do something fun for them. It was a nice gettaway, but that was suppose to be our gift to eachother, so I was shocked to open my new computer when I got home! It was very much needed though. Its so hard to keep up with blogging, downloading and editing tons of pics and doing work on a very slow laptop! Thanks again honey!

Whats new?? Well Parker is saying lots of words and even putting together 3 words at a time, like, "I see you", "dank you daddy" and "sissy nigh night." She's doing a pretty good job! She's even singing the beginning of "ABC's"...its so cute! We laugh that she may be writing her letters before Taylor, because thats something Taylor just doesn't seem so interested in! Parker is also pretty challenging though. I do have to say that she is pretty high-maintnance and gets into her fair share of trouble! When we were at the hotel this weekend she kept trying to get on the elevator with other people or would just run away from us. Sometimes I wonder if she would care if she got lost? Maybe she's too young still?

Taylor is really liking school. Today was Grandparents day and they also had a field trip. It was her first time riding on a school bus. That was fun for her. I'm trying to get her interested in dance or gymnastics. As of now she just keeps telling me she is going to be a rockstar when she gets older! What do I do with that? Voice lessons?

I have been working a ton! I really hate January and February because they are so busy in the fitness industry and that means working lots of evenings and hardly getting any workouts to myself! I just ran the other day for the first time in months and it felt amazing! I'm totally re-energized to get out there and train for another marathon, if I can only find the time! We are so ready for Spring! Today was almost 70 degrees! Thats awesome, if I could only get out to enjoy it. Can't wait to get outside and take long walks and play at the park again, or better yet....sit on our back patio and drink margaritas! ahhhhh!