Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break for Taylor

Taylor had a busy week on Spring Break! She got to go to Mawmaw Lisa's one night and day, she had a day with Mawmaw Jan at the library, painting pottery, and bowling with Haley and David, she had a day with Daddy fishing and playing at the park and on Friday Mommy took off work and we had a family day. The weather was nasty of course on the day mommy was off, so we decided to go to the Magic House. It has been a long time since Taylor has been there, so it was all fun and new! Parker had a blast too! It really is a fun place. It was a little backed, but a great time.

 this thing was Parker's favorite! It was so funny! You put soft little balls in this vaccuum tube and they fly through and shoot out at you. She was screaming and jumping! lol!

 Parker really loved watching the choo choo's!

 of course the water tables were a hit!

Parker's Horsy Ride!

This had us rolling last night! She decided she wanted to ride Taylor's horse! LOL!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where is she putting it?

We just can't get over Parker and how much she is eating lately! I feel like she has a deficiency of some sort! Its seems like she just can't get enough food. lol!! She isn't packing on the pounds...good thing, but she is constantly going to the kitchen for food. I think her babysitter feeds her all day and now she's just used to it?
I was taking a mental note of everything she ate the other day because I just couldn't believe it.
This was her day: eggs, guacamole (yes, she loves them together like her mama!), blueberries, crackers, grapes, an avacado, wheat thins, fruit snacks, hershey kiss (these are things she found in the snack drawer), a half pint of blueberries..omg!, eggs (for dinner), cheese, potato casserole, broccoli, cookies and milk.
Okay, can you say piggy??? Thats more than I eat in a day for sure!
We still love her, but I don't know how much we can afford at the grocery store! :)

St. Patty's Day

How much fun is St. Patty's Day?? Maybe you have to have grown up loving it? Its one of my favorite yearly traditions! Maybe its because its getting close to sping, or because its so fun to watch the kids loving the parade, or seeing all the fam, or going out later in the evening, or dressing up in green, or running in the traditional 5 mile race??? Its all of the above! This year was better than ever. My hubby ran his first 5 mile race....well, his first race, and his first 5 miles ever! He did a great job. It was fun to run together and the kids got to see us run past as they sat on the sidelines with Mawmaw and Pawpaw.
Of course they were so cute! Parker got soooo many beads! People in the parade just kept coming up to her and laying her with beads...I guess just for being a cutie! The temp was close to 70 degrees which made for some rosy red cheeks and arms, but it felt amazing!

We went out later with the Row's and you know that's always a good time! And finally, I took some pictures! Yay! We had the best weekend ever.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where to begin?

I'm so behind, I think it will take me a couple posts to get current!! I feel terrible that I don't have new photos to share! I'm going through a photographic drought! Maybe its just been that things have been a little chill lately and not much is going on. I won't complain because there are times that I just wish we had nothing to do. We had a nice weekend last weekend of nothing. did get boring, but it still was relaxing. I got a great run in at the park with the girls. They were so wiped out that they both fell asleep as I did my laps. Poor things...they were waiting for me to finish so they could play on the playground and just as I finished they were asleep, so...I got 4 more laps in! That was nice. I thought about just going home before they woke up, but I knew they would be disappointed and they deserved the play time. Its really hard to watch two children on a huge playground though! I go a little crazy when I lose one from site! I have to follow Parker everywhere and then I turn around and can't find Taylor. I'm sure every mom goes through that, but its hard.

Taylor had a sleepover with David this weekend at Mawmaw Jan's house. It wasn't their first sleepover, but it was the first time they asked to do it and it wasn't for babysitting purposes. Gosh, I remember those days when we would see our cousins and beg our parents to let them spend the night! I was having flashbacks. They were so excited about it! She didn't have any clothes or anything, but she didn't care. The funny thing was that they slept on the floor in the living room and she says, "David disappeared! I opened my eyes and he was gone to Mawmaw's room." She also told us that she had to wake Mawmaw when the sun came up. Jason asked if she was wearing her face mask? Taylor says, "No....Mawmaw was wearing a SOCK on her FACE!!!!" LOL! We laughed so hard! We make fun of mom for wearing an eye pillow while she sleeps and now she had this bright idea to put it in a sock so then she can just lauder the sock! Oh lord! It was pretty funny and I'm sure it was a funny site to see too!

More to come later...I'll get all caught up, and........this weekend is St. Patty's Day Parade and Run, so I will have new pictures!! Yay!