Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!

Awww...I just can't believe our little Parker Corinne is already 1!! I remember that day like it was yesterday! Water broke at about 5:00am and we headed to the hospital about 7am. She was born at 6:08pm...6lbs. 14oz. She looked just like her sissy!
Well today we think she looks less like her sissy and more like her daddy. She is just on the verge of walking. She thinks she's pretty hot stuff standing by herself and soaks up the attention. She's a crazy little girl...nothing like Taylor was. We think she may be our problem child! We also got her ears pierced last weekend....those pics will be posted soon! She looks like a little girl now with those cute earings.

For her special treat today Taylor and I baked her confetti cupcakes last night and she had an "un-iced" cupcake for breakfast! She devoured it! I'll post some pics later.  Tonight Mawmaw and Pawpaw, Mawmaw Jan, Aunt Julie, Haley, David and us are going to Llyweln's for dinner.  I know she has no idea its her birthday, but I know she loves the extra attention.  I can't wait to see her eat the iced cupcakes!

So I'm halfway through the day and haven't cried yet! Only 9 more hours to go! haha!
Happy Birthday little monster! "Love you the mostest" as Taylor would say!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where is Heaven?

Jason's Aunt Carol passed away on Sunday, August 8th. She had Leukemia, but was diagnosed less than a year ago.  She read our blog often, especially with all the time she spent in the hospital.  We kept up with her CaringBridge site too.  Towards the end when her treatments didn't take we started talking to Taylor about her being sick and then eventually about dying. She knew that Daddy's sister's Jaime and Julie died and that they were angels in heaven, but I don't think she really ever thought too hard about it.
We went to visit Carol 6 days before she passed away.  I am so shocked how fast it took her because she looked so good and she seemed to be in good spirits and even up and about that day.  We went out in the back yard of the motherhouse (School Sister's of Notre Dame) and looked at the deer and Taylor and Parker both had a great time. We started telling her that Carol was going to go to heaven soon. She asked lots of questions.  Where is heaven? Will I go to heaven? Will I ever see Carol again? Will she be with Daddy's sisters?  Kids really are so cute and innocent. We explained that heaven was over the clouds and some day when she dies she will go to heaven too and be with Carol and Jaime and Julie. She said she didn't want to die yet! And she asked if next time we go in the airplane if we can go to heaven?
This past weekend we went to Carol's wake and funeral services. She did so good with it. She knew Mawmaw was sad and she was very sensitive. 
We will miss Carol, but we will see her again someday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The best pics when you least expect it!

I snaped these pics of Parker the other day cuz I thought she just looked so damn cute! I get the best ones when I don't even try!
Show us those teeth girl!
I totally love this serious one! Is that a model or what?
Now she's showing off and gettin crazy!

29 going on 90!

Well I'm turning 30 on Monday and I'm really okay with it, except that my husband is making fun of me and keeps saying that I look like I'm 85 because I hurt my back! For two days I was only able to lay or walk with my hands on my thighs! Ugh...I know I'm not suppose to twist and lift, but thats exactly what I did! Kids...look what they do to you! Anyway, I got in to see a chiropractor and she said she thought I just sprained some muscles and she did her thing and told me I should be better the next day. Well, tuesday came and I was not even close to better! I got alot of laughs at work the way I was walking! I saw another doctor that day and long story short, I am doing better on my muscle relaxers and pain killers! Wow, I know I'm not that old yet! Taylor has been my little home nurse. She has rubbed my back for me, gotten me the remote, and tried to stop daddy from laughing at me! She says, "Dad...don't laugh at Mom, her back hurts, its not nice!" Thanks Taylor!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so behind!!

Life got crazy there for a while! Summer is always go, go, go!  I sure do take enough pictures, but I wish sometimes I could just voice record and post from my phone or something.
Since being back from vacation we've had the Rowberry Reunion, Dad's birthday, a float trip (adults only), and the fair parade.  And I just can't believe that we are planning for Parker's first birthday party already! I'm a little sad.  I remember this time last year planning for my maternity leave and getting all her things ready. I don't think you really realize how fast the years go until you have babies!  We are thinking she should be walking by her least we hope. Poor girl can't keep up with us. By the time we walk to the other room and she gets there we pass her by again. She gets so mad! Lol!

Taylor is just about to turn 18 I think! I really don't know where she gets some of these things she says? We look at eachother and say, "I didn't tell her that." Like....when we were in the dressing room at Old Navy and she said, "mom....your legs are kind of rumpley!" I couldn't believe it! She was scrunching her nose and pointing at the back of my butt. I told her I work really hard and she better not tell anyone else that!
Over the weekend she went to the store with Mawmaw Lisa and she saw a grey stuffed animal horse (she's obsessed with stuffed animals) and told Mawmaw that she really needed that horse because she doesn't have a grandma horse at home! haha! Good think her grandma's don't have grey hair!  She also told me over the weekend while playing in Jaime and Julie's room (Jason's sisters who passed away) that Jaime and Julie were Tooth Fairys! Oh my gosh, I thought that was so cute and she came up with that on her own. We do talk about them often and about how they are angels and they watch over her, but I guess she thinks that angels are tooth fairies! Too sweet!

Here is the latest in photos...
Taylor in our garden with a big tomato. That big plant on the ground is a pumpkin plant that has taken over the yard!

The girls being pushed by Pawpaw in a cart he got from the fair.

Sissys waiting for the Fair Parade to start

Mommy and the girls....yes this is my sunday hat!

Mawmaw Lisa with the girls at the parade

A family shot when we went to visit Aunt Carol