Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cameo on STL Today!

The other day Sante was asked by the Post Dispatch to provide the Trainer Tip of the week! I got to be the lucky person to give tips on exercising outdoors! Here is a link to the video on

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cowgirl Camp!

I just can't pick a couple favorites of Taylor's Horseback Riding camp....I love them all!! I think its just how happy she is in them. You can see on her face how much she loves horses. Every kid has their thing and...I think we have found her thing! At night she would tell me she had to hurry and get to sleep so she could go to horsy camp in the morning and in the morning she would yell, "wake up, the sun is up, its time to go to camp!" On the way there she said, "they are going to be so happy to see me mom." I said, "who, your friends?" She said, "NO...Revel and Spurs!" How cute! They told me she did such a great job and she will do really well at riding. On the last day when I went to pick her up she was riding a huge horse in the arena all by herself! I was in awe. She could get him to go, turn and stop all by herself. Now the only problem is that she wants to go to camp all the time and they don't have it all the time! And...that we couldn't afford it! For now she will keep taking private lessons and dream of barrel racing! :)
 feeding them...

 brushing them...
walking them...
 she didn't want me to share this one..LOL! But at least she knows that you have to clean after them!
 riding bareback!

 bathing the mini horses..
What a cute little cowgirls she is!