Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Taylor!

We have had Taylor's birthday party here before and everyone loved it! It fits her perfectly because she wanted a Horse party theme and they have pony rides there. We also took the whole party on a hay ride! We ended up with the big pavilion instead of the small birthday tent, because that was already booked and the lady remembered us and there was nothing else booked! It was nice because it did rain for a short time and the wind was blowing and our pavillion had sides on it!
Taylor and I worked together on her cake and cupcakes! We put a small horse in each cupcake for the kids to have as a party favor. Of course she wanted to wear her boots and she even got a new pink pair and a matching pink cowgirl hat! She was a happy girl. Happy Birthday big girl Taylor Marie!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

The Pumpkin Patch is one of my favorite things about the Fall! We had such a warm day that Parker was sleeveless and Taylor was hot! This was the new Pumpkin patch in Washington. They got to ride horses (the highlight of the trip) and get face paintings! Too cute!

OMG...I have to catch up!

I'm embarrassed that is it January and the most recent post I have up is from the zoo in Sept! I've been spending to much time on my other blog and trying to get some business going! I'm even at home now and funny enough I think I had more time when I was at work all day everyday! I find a zillion things to do at home and at work I just thought about what I had to do at home! Okay, today I'm going to give it a good shot to get caught up. Since Aug I have quit my Fitness Director postition at the gym and taken a position as Program Manager for a non-profit that provides kids wellness programs in the school districts and community centers. Since then we have run out of funding!! Ugh...if would have known that before! I'm not going to regret my decision because it has given me a lot of time with the kids. I can not pick up Taylor every day from school and Parker has been at home with me 3 days a week. It also allowed me to take the PE position at Taylor's school! Came completely out of thin air! That is going pretty well and next year we will get a nice break on tuition. I have started doing Fitcamps in the evenings and they were very well attended over the Holidays. Now I just need to keep them going! I also started working for an in-home Personal Training company as an independent contractor. The leads are coming in slowly and I have to sell them, but I just picked up my first client. Its nice to make you own schedule, but gosh can I find things to get in the way! I'm still waiting for something big to happen or for me to find a way to start my own business officially! Its been slow and money has been tight, but I'm working on it everyday....thats why I'm not doing this! Sorry to my girls...I want them to be able to see this eventually, but now they know what I've been up to!