Friday, March 26, 2010

Girls Weekend

So last weekend Jason went fishing with the boys for the whole weekend...thursday through sunday! It was just the girls at home. I had the bright idea to take them to the mall by myself and get thier pictures taken. It seemed like a good idea in my head! Something fun for us to do while dad was was fun for a while. I totally thought that Taylor was going to be the shy one while getting pics taken and I thought we'd get Parker to smile like crazy, but I was soooo wrong! Taylor wanted to play at the playplace at the mall so I bribed her to be good and smile....that actually worked, but Parker was another story. She looked around and looked at this strange lady and her little lip started quivering and she starting screaming! We managed to get a few cute pics, which is probably better for me since I can't make a decision on pictures to save my life. We did a little shopping and had lunch and we were all exhausted and ready for a nap!
Other than that we didn't do much. We saw Pawpaw Rowberry and Pawpaw Mark Friday night and went to mawmaw Jan's on Sunday. Daddy missed the girls. Taylor talked about him all weekend. It was kinda cute! Then she stayed home with dad on Monday becuase she was on spring break and Parker went to the babysitter and Taylor was sad that she wasn't with her sissy! She missed her.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Parker's First Tooth!

Parker got her first tooth on Friday! No wonder she was so crabby on Thursday night. I really had no idea it was coming. I thought she had a tummy ache. I put my finger in her mouth on Friday afternoon and was shocked that I felt a sharp little thing stickin out of her gums! Poor thing! So these pics have nothing to do with the really can barely see it yet, but she has been pretty fussy and has also had lots of poopies...I think related?? Today she was eating in her bumbo when I heard some really wet toots! I thought I should change her because it sounded uncomfortable and OMG.....poopy everywhere! I was screaming for Jason to help, but I couldn't even clean her up. We put her bumbo in the sink and I just undressed her and sat her in the water. It turned into a really cute photo session! She loved playing with the water! This is the way we are doing the bath thing from now on! She could have stayed in there an hour. Well actually, I finished feeding her in the sink since she makes such a mess...haha! I think the other bottom tooth is right behind, so we may have a fussy week ahead. I just hope we don't have messy diapers all week!

What a beautiful day!

We haven't had a day like this in soooo long! 70 degrees! It was a day of deep cleaning the house, but we also got outside this afternoon while daddy was BBQing and got to play. We felt like it was Parker's first time ever going outside! lol! She really has never got to "go out and play" so it was really cute to see her get so excited. She sat and watched sissy run around and kick the ball. I think it was a sign that spring is on its way! I can't wait for the summer...swimming, barbequing, taking walks, it staying light out till 9pm...its gonna be so much fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Parker is 6 months!

Happy 6 month b-day Parker! Where does the time go? 6 months is so much fun. Everyday she is learning something new and getting more of a fun little personality. She went for her 6 month check up yesterday and weighed in at 15lbs 9oz. Thats two pounds less than Taylor was. She is in the 42 percentile for her age. She isn't yet sitting up or getting teeth, but I think that is just around the corner! She is a good little sleeper though. I don't really enjoy getting up at 5am, but when she goes to bed at 7:30pm thats a good long stretch, and she also goes back down for another hour and a half or so. She will just wake up and sing in her bed until we come for her and then she's all smiles and giggles! I love how happy they both are in the morning....well not always for Taylor, but for the most part! Taylor wakes up and comes in saying "mom, wake up, its a sunny day! The sun is up so its morning." Well thank you for that report Taylor! Too bad I'm not so bright and cheering in the am! All I can do is lay there and wish someone would bring me my coffee!
Here are a couple pics from this week. A couple weeks ago Taylor and I went to Disney live with Mawmaw Lisa and she got the girls these Mickey and Minnie ears. They are so cute.