Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Its the most wonderful time...of the year!" Yes, mommy has been playing the christmas music since it started on Nov 12th! I looooovvvee it! Thanksgiving means that its officially the holiday season. Taylor and Parker already saw Santa once just because he was at the mall. Taylor asked for a horse (surprise, surprise), although we already have 20 of them. Parker took a look at Santa and gave him a good scream! She really likes looking at him though and all the Santa stuff we see?
Black Friday mommy got up at 3:30 and went to was fun! I have to admit I really like the excitement of going that early and seeing what deals you can get! My friends all think I'm crazy, but thats okay. I was home and back in bed by 5:15. Black Friday is also reserved for putting up the Christmas Tree while watching Christmas Vacation! They had a ball! Taylor heard me saying, "oh, this is my favorite ornament", and "oh look at this one." So she started saying the same thing and all of the sudden every ornament was her favorite! I knew Parker would be a monster with the tree this year! She wanted to play with every one and pull them off. We're still working on that.
Daddy also got all the lights put on the house and the yard all decorated. It looks great. We look like the Griswalds compaired to the rest of the street!
We are so excited for Christmas! Only a few weeks to wait!

Cale Webster

Cute little cousin Cale Webster was born on Nov 15th. He is so precious! Reminded me of how much I just love newborns!!! I just want to hold them and kiss them all day! I went to Laurie and Billy's yesterday to visit and take some pics of the little guy. Too bad Parker wouldn't cooperate with me or maybe we could have gotten more. She was either jealous or scared cuz she cried the whole time! Here are a few good ones....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My latest gifts...

I have been a busy bee with making the baby personalized gifts! It seems everyone is having babies! I've come up with some cute combinations, and so far, I don't think I've done any two orders the exact same!
Such cute baby names lately too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot!

We did our Fall Photo Shoot at Forest Park on Sunday. It was a success! I have close to 200 pics and it was hard to even choose the best ones. I took pics of Julie and her family and she took some of us. I got there early to take my girls shots. I'm sharing some of my favs!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Taylor!

Our big girl turned 4 on Saturday! So hard to believe! By the way....she hates when I say this! She says, "mom, stop...I know....don't talk like that, I'm a big girl!" Who taught her that? Anyway, she had party packed weekend. Thursday at school was her Halloween parade and party. Friday Mommy and Daddy both took off and took her (without sissy) to Chucky Cheese for lunch and to play, Friday night was Trunk or Treat at school, and Saturday was her birthday party. Of course Sunday was also Halloween, so needless to say, we were all a little beat by Monday! It was our first year at the new school for Trunk or Treat, but it was a great time. The JrK classes did a "spooky dance" on stage and our little rockstar aka Taylor Swift (since that what she wanted to be for Halloween) danced the night away up there with her friends!

 She was a princess for her school party...
 Her with her principal...

doing the spooky dance...

We have been so lucky with all the parties we've had at the house! We had such a beautiful day for an outside party. There is no way we could ever get 40-50 people in our house, but we've always lucked out with great days. The kids had fun in the bounce house again and decorating pumpkins. Later on we had some fun sitting around the firepit and having a few cocktails! Haley and David spent the night, so Taylor was excited to have a sleepover on her birthday. She got some really awesome presents and she had a ball.

 The Row's...besides dad who was in town and made it to the party!
 The Murphy's...missing a few...

Parker in her leg warmers! Funny story about the bruise on her thigh....she climbed into the barbie van (the small ones that barbies go in...not a power wheel) at the babysitters and got wedged in it! The babysitter though she was going to have to break open the van to get her out! LOL! She had her butt and legs up to her hips in it! Gosh she is nuts!
Halloween day was spent cleaning and putting things away. Taylor took a long nap and we had to wake her at 5:30 for Trick or Treating! Miss Parker was a little flower and Taylor was Taylor Swift again, although most people called her a cowgirl! She wasn't so happy about that, so she made me tell them who she really was! lol! I also got to tell her joke over and over for her since she couldn't remember it or was too shy! Parker on the other hand isn't shy one bit. At Trunk or Treat she couldn't care less where her family was....she just took off on her own and helped herself to other peoples candy bowls!! Miss Independent she is! They are two very different children. Parkers new things at home are throwing things in the bathtub (which is even more fun when there is water in it), opening the toilet lid and putting her hands in the water, and trying to climb into the kitchen cabinets. All things I never experienced with Taylor??? Very crazy.
We both couldn't be more excited to have nothing to do this coming weekend! That hasn't happened in a long time. I'm not really sure the last time I watched a movie (besides Free Willy or Nemo) and just sat on my couch?? Its sounding really good!