Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet Dorsy!

Dorsy is our new fish.  Why Dorsy??? I don't know?  I was giving Taylor suggestions for names like, Willy, Luna (Willy's sister), Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Flounder...all the fish names I could think of and she said, "How about Dorsy?" So, Dorsy it is then! 
We got Dorsy at Petsmart. Taylor really, really wants a dog and talks about Jack still all the time, but I thought maybe we could start with a fish. And, I was sure not to just get any fish, like a goldfish that would die tomorrow!  I asked the lady at petsmart what could we not kill??? She suggested the Beta fish. She said also a little frog was pretty easy, but Taylor wanted the fish instead. She picked out a pretty blue one. 
So has she been taking care of him?  Well, we have to remind her to feed him, but then she does. We have cleaned his bowl once since we got him almost two weeks ago.  He's pretty easy.
Last night the neighbors dog was at the fence and she said, "I wish I had a dog. I miss Jack!" Dad said, "Well maybe soon you can get one." I don't know if he's serious, but she would love it! I know, I know....we don't need one and we don't have the room!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Backyard fun!

Last weekend was so beautiful!  Julie, Haley, and David came over to play on the swingset and BBQ. They had lots of fun in the sun. It was so sunny that Julie got a sunburn...go figure!  I got some cute pics of all of them. The one of David with no hands is right before he fell flat on his back! I caught it in action! lol! We couldn't get them to eat lunch until we told them it was a picnic and then they were so excited!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poor Parker...tooth #4!

This past weekend Parker got tooth #4! Thank goodness really because she was really lookin funny with only one top tooth (and a big one at that!). We were calling her hillbilly Parker.  Poor thing :)
Its a good thing for that swingset because she was so crabby and when nothing else would make her happy we would just take her outside and put her in the swing and she was all smiles! I am trying to avoid doping her up on pain relievers, so we have been giving her popcicles and other things we may not normally give her to make her happy!  I thought that 8 months was pretty right on for getting teeth, but a few other moms I know with babies her age don't have any teeth at all!  I know they are all different, but its funny that she is doing most things right at the same time as Taylor did. Claping should be next!  For now, she is enjoying all the new foods she can chew with those teeth of hers!  Mandarin oranges, bananas, yogurt melts, crackers....and popcicles!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Run Mommy Run!

What an awesome day for a marathon!  It was almost too hot at 75 degrees!  It was a great race besides that Taylor didn't really get to see mommy running.  She had been sick on Saturday and they got off to a late start Sunday morning.  By the time they got down to where I told Jason our cheer station would be the roads were blocked and he couldn't get there. He was actually on the full marathon course so I text him (yes, I run and text at the same time!) to walk down a few blocks, but by the time they got there I had already passed!!  I really wanted to see them, it always gives me motivation to keep going, but I missed 'em and had to go 3 more miles on my own!  Jason said Taylor was cheering and clapping for the other runners. 
It was pretty brutal going uphill in the sun those last couple miles. I actually caught a girl who was stumbling about to pass out just before the finish!  I asked a couple bystanders to help me out so I could finish and then took off in a sprint!  The good part was that I finished just barely under 2 hours!  It wasn't my best half, but it came in a close second.  I was so excited to see my family at the finish too!  Taylor said..."Mommy you got a medal and you won!" God love her!  She asked me several times if I won and I just kept telling her yes....she was so excited! 
The rest of the day was so nice and relaxing. We pulled a big blanket out in the yard, layed around in the sun, played in the sandbox, barbequed, and enjoyed a couple cold bud lights! ahhh!  What a great spring!

Next race is Lewis and Clark on October 3rd!  I'm thinking I may try to talk Jason into this one??? Or not! :) This one is a pretty easy course. Even if you are not up for running a marathon, but want a good challenge it would be fun to walk too.  October should be really nice weather too! Can't wait!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

You'd of thought it was Christmas at our house Easter night after unloading the car!!  How did our kids manage to pull so much loot??  The Easter Bunny came to our house Saturday morning because we knew we would be too busy on Sunday. He brought a little candy, outfits, and a new Free Willy movie.  Soon after... Mawmaw and Pawpaw were at our house putting up the swingset that the Easter Bunny dropped off at their house. Then we were off to Syberg's for Easter with my mom's family. The girls got little bags from Grandma with candy and money and then at Mawmaw Jan's house they got clothes and shoes from Mawmaw and a fun little bag of stuff from Aunt Julie, Haley and David.  We went home with a car load of stuff!  The kids had fun hunting for easter eggs and decorating cupcakes, but it was a late night. We didn't get home until 10:30.
Easter morning it started all over again! We went to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house and hunted eggs and opened presents...clothes and books and chocolate bunnys (that melted on our way home...Taylor never knew!).  Then to Jason's aunts to hunt more eggs and get presents from Grandma.  What spoiled little girls we have! The Easter Bunny has turned into Santa! 

All said and done, it was a very nice Easter.  We had beautiful weather. The first Easter in a while that we have been able to wear short sleeves and the kids wear dresses without tights and sweaters!  Parker had a great time with the easter eggs.  She found a few in the grass and picked them up, of course not knowing there was anything inside.  We got a few cute pictures too. You know me! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally a Swingset!

We have talked about a swingset for a long time, but still never got one. Well, the Easter Bunny aka...Mawmaw and Pawpaw got the girls one for Easter! Taylor got one at thier house this summer and just loves going to their house to play on it, so I guess it was time. The Easter Bunny dropped it off at thier house and Saturday morning they brought it down in pieces on the trailer and spent the day at our house putting it together! I never knew those things really came in 12,000 pieces!! Now we know why people pay people to come and put them together....and I didn't even do any of the work! Well, now it gives Jason another excuse to do more to the yard! haha! We need mulch and stones and bushes and who knows what else!
I got made fun of for taking these pics, but oh well. I have before and after. Just wanted to remember what our yard looked like before the kids took over! It turned out really great and they love it. Parker loves swinging, so that should be some good fun this summer. I can't wait to put out the baby pool and swim and swing and BBQ all summer!