Thursday, November 3, 2011

We love the Hippos!

A few pics from our trip to the zoo! I say "WE love the hippos", but it might be more like..I'm obsessed with the hippos! They facinate me and I love how close you can get. The girls may have been more facinated with the monkeys who were picking their butts in front of us. lol!
I tried to snap some pics at forest park while we were there too...

 Parker's classic "I'm not going to smile at you" face!

Parker's 2nd Birthday!

Its sinful how long its been since I have posted, so I'm going to try to catch up! I have to go back to little sis's birthday August 27th. Miss Parker is now in her "terrible twos!" I remember with Taylor thinking the 2's weren't so terrible, but I can see they definitely will be with this one! She is too smart.
We had a goldfish swim party for Parker at MawMaw and Pawpaw's house. We made goldfish cupcakes and had real goldfish on the tables in bowls for the kids to take home! That was a big hit! Its now Nov 3rd and we still have a goldfish living! As far as I know one other one is still alive too. I'm pretty impressed with our Walmart goldfish.
The kids had a great time swimming and Parker got a lot of great presents. Just can't believe she is 2 already! Love you little Miss Parker! My little blondie!

Mommy made her a new pillow and she loved it! aww!