Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We've had such busy weekends this October, with weddings and birthdays. Its already the weekend before Halloween and we just got to the pumpkin patch. The girls did get to go with Mawmaw and Pawpaw last weekend, but I had to take them to get some pics.  We stayed in Washington this weekend for Mawmaw and Pawpaw's Chili Cook Off. The girls had fun playing with all the kids, jumping in the bounce house, and dancing the night away to the band! Parker is a riot when she dances! Not sure where they get their talent?  I know where they get the urg to dance and sing, but I think they might dance like their dad??? We're going to try to get Taylor in dance lessons soon I think!

We love going to Rombach's because there is so much to do! Taylor of course loves to ride the horses, but they also have face painting, hay rides, barrel rides, animals and playgrounds. I can't believe a year has gone by already since we had Taylor's 3rd birthday party there last year.  This year they were booked, so we are having her party at our house next weekend. I told her I would do some face paintings for the kids though.  She's excited about that. Her birthday is on Saturday, but she is off school on Friday, so we are going to surprise her and take her horseback riding! I'm going to take off work for the special day, and it will be nice to cook and clean before the party.  Trunk or Treat at her school is Friday night so we'll do that, then the party and her B-day on Saturday, and Halloween on Sunday. It will be an action packed weekend of fun!  So far Taylor is being a princess for Halloween and Parker is a flower, but Taylor keeps changing her mind. This week she wanted to be Taylor Swift, so we're gonna have the pink guitar and cowgirl boots on back up!  They change thier minds so much! 
Here are some pics at the patch....

Taylor in her princess costume...

Some other shots from this weekend...
 Parker likes this doggie statue better than a real dog! Good for us I guess?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Pawpaw....

It was a very tough week. Pawpaw Rowberry passed away on Sunday, October 3rd.  Dad knew it was getting bad and left Texas at 12am to make the drive home. Sad to say...he didn't make it in time. Pawpaw died peacefully at home with Pammy and Cindy by his side. Oddly enough...he died the morning of one of my races, just as Mawmaw had two years earlier.  It was a crazy feeling going to the race. I knew he wasn't doing well and I just had a fear that I would get a call just as I had before to tell me that he had passed. I didn't, but he was on my mind the whole run. It was a half-marathon, so it was tough and when it got hard I just thought...I'm going to run this whole thing and finish for Pawpaw. If I think this is hard, think of what he is going through. It got me though! But.....on our way from the finish to the car mom let me know he had passed away that morning at 6am. Crazy.
All in all it is a good thing. He is finally comfortable and with Mamaw, so we have to be happy for him. Cindy and the rest of the family did so much and worked so hard for him these last few months. I know it was hard on Dad, but he stayed strong as he always does. The mass was beautiful and the military honors they did after mass was awesome and so moving! I don't think there was one dry eye. The Marines presented Dad with the flag and the three rounds of bullets they shot off. It was one of the neatest things I've ever seen.
 Here is how I like to remember Pawpaw....what he lived for....Indy! This hat even went with him!

The Poem I wrote for Pawpaw that was read at mass by Sara:

Erwin Edward Rowberrry.

Husband, father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend.
All have come to celebrate your life,
although this is not the end.
Such a full life you had...
Veteran of war and then 6 mouths to feed
Laying tile was your work
with many jobs to lead.

Everyone knew if they wanted a nice tile job
Erv Rowberry was the one.
So many will be able to look at your work
for many more years to come.

Those who were close to you,
knew that racing was the love of your life.
But of course it was second to cory,
your fun and loving wife.

look at the family you created!
Aren't we a good looking bunch?
We aren't only good looking but we know how to party,
maybe a little too much?

We may drink, party all nite,.... and yes sometimes fight
but when it comes down to it...Rowberry's are Rowberry's
and we will always be very tight.

Indy 500 for over 60 years,
what a tradition you created!
That weekend on the rowberry calendar
will for ever be dated.

So many have great memories of those trips,
and so many stories are told.
Your racing legacy will live forever
and those tickets will never be sold.

Mawmaws been patiently waiting for you,
and now to heaven you have been sent.
You guys are probably listening to us now...
and having an argument!

Over what was just said, or who here is who,
and I'm sure this wasn't your first one!
But you'll be kissing and saying I love yous
when all is said and done!

We all will miss you being here with us,
but this day is bittersweet.
Because we know you are finally comfortable at home,
and someday again we will meet.