Sunday, May 30, 2010

Parker is 9 months!

It occured to me on my first day back to teaching Aqua Fit class on Thursday that exactly 9 months ago to the day was the day that I was suppose to teach Aqua class, but had to call a sub because my water broke! It was a good thing it didn't break in the water, or I would have never known! Parker was born that thursday evening!  As I was treading water I realized how much easier it was this year!  I know they say that the pregnant belly makes you more boyant (sp?), but I'm not so sure about that!  I am about 20lbs. lighter this year and I think it makes a difference.  I must say though, water exercise is so good for you, especially when pregnant. I think that did wonders for me last year.
On this morning though I started to think back to last summer being pregnant and now thinking how much time as gone by and how fast Parker is growing!  Aww, 9 months is so big!  She's doing so many cute things.  She's just about to say her first could be dada, mama, or uh-oh, (which were Taylor's first words).  She is clapping and trying to wave bye-bye and do "so big".  She almost pulled up on her bed today too! She gets on her knees and holds on and is really trying to figure out how to get to her feet!  One of these times she's gonna get it! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend and Grandma's

This weekend we headed out to Washington so Mawmaw and Pawpaw could watch the girls while we went to a rehersal dinner on Saturday and a wedding on Sunday in Hermann. Taylor just loves going to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's! She is so spoiled and she has so much fun. Sunday was so hot that we got out the baby pool and let them play. It was Parker's first experience with the pool thing, but she loved it! The big pool wasn't quite warm enough to swim in, but the little pool was perfect! She kinda just hung out outside of the pool and leaned over the edge, but that was fine with her! She tried putting her face in a few times and figured out real quick that she didn't like that! haha.

We had a good time at the wedding. It was a beautiful sunset and a nice place, overlooking the river. We took off monday and tried to blow up the baby pool at home, but had some issues! It ended up okay though. Parker is officially crawling now too! No more push-ups and army crawl! Now we have to close doors, pick up stuff and be careful not to step on her! The other day I was changing her diaper and I saw something shiny in her freaked me out!  I opened her mouth and there was a sticker on the roof of her mouth!!! A shiny Dora sticker (taylor has them everywhere).  Funny part (or not) was that I just took her out of her highchair from eating, so it had to have been in there a while!  Just stuck to the roof of her mouth!  Well she thinks she's pretty cool that she can crawl and before long she is going to be walking too! She tries to pull up on things and when you go to sit her down she stiffens her legs to stand.  She's zooming all over in her walker too which is cute till she runs over your toes!

Monday, May 10, 2010

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Prayer

I just love, love, love this little prayer.  I recieved this twice in the hospital after giving birth and it always stuck with me. I thought...what a well written prayer, how true!  Its amazing to think about growing a living person from scratch inside of you and to see how perfect they turn out!  I was looking for this prayer this week and I was bummed I couldn't find it, so I emailed St. John's ministry and they responded right away with a copy of the prayer!  I shared it with all my mother and mother-to-be friends!

A Mother’s Prayer

The Most Important Person on earth is a mother.

She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral.

She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any Cathedral--a dwelling for

an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body.

The angels have not been blessed with such a grace.

They cannot share in God's creative miracle to bring new saints to heaven.

Only a human mother can.

Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other human creature.

God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation...what on God's earth is

more glorious than this:


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1st Card's Game!

Sunday was our first cards game of the season and Parker's very first cards game ever!  We figured out that Taylor was just about the same age when she went to her first cards game on 4th of July. She was so cute too. It was the first time we saw her clap and she just started clapping when everyone else did.  How ironic that we said, "Well Parker, you better clap today!" (we have been working on it for a while) and she did!!! She didn't really clap along with everyone like she knew what was going on, but she did clap for the first time that day!  So cute!  She did like the game though. There was so much to look at!  We went with Pawpaw Mark, Julie, Haley and David, so that made it all more fun for Taylor too.  It was Albert Puljos Bat Day, so the kids all got bats and run the bases day, which we didn't do! The line was around the stadium and Taylor had no clue what that meant anyway, so we left.  Of course we ate plenty of junk! First thing Taylor saw was cotton candy! Funny thing was that my dad bought it for her and she opened it an tore off a piece and said, "Momma, what do we do with it?" She looked at me like I had 4 eyeballs when I told her to eat it! I had to eat a piece myself to prove to her that it was okay to eat it! David did the same thing....I guess they haven't had cotton candy before? Next was hot dogs and then ice cream helmets!  We went to eat basically,  oh and go the the bathroom! Cuz you know thats always fun when you're 3 too!  If I didn't check the scoreboard before we left I wouldn't have known we won! LOL!