Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our first Christmas in our new home was awesome! I was so excited to decorate it and put up the Christmas tree and hang the stockings on a REAL fireplace!! Yay! I honestly wasn't so sure this would be a good Christmas considering what we had been through and considering that I was laid off from my job with Club KidFit in December! I left my full-time Fitness Director Position for a part-time (with potential to be full-time) job as a Program Manager with a non-profit, knowing I wouldn't make a lot of money, but excited to spend more time with my family and hoping for it to be full time eventually. Well, I was wrong....only a few months and they ran out of funding! I know they didn't plan on this to happen, but it put me in a really bad spot for Christmas and I was scared!
Somehow, we managed to have a wonderful Christmas and the girls got more than they could want.
I loved our tree and fireplace!

Daddy did a great job on the outside (next year he may compete with the Griswald's across the street! lol)

Parker telling Santa she wants candy!


you could say it was a horse Christmas!

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